Chopra Organics (P) Ltd. are Committed to Continuously Strive to improve the Quality of goods and services over Global Standard for Metallic Stearates and Specialty Chemicals of High Purity and Excellent Stabilizer. Lubricant and flow properties.
chopra Zinc Stearates
chopra Calcium Stearates
chopra Zinc Oxide (Active)
chopra Zinc Oxide (Transparent)
chopra Plasto-112
chopra Curring Aent
chopra Shining Agent
chopra Flexwell
chopra Zinc Base Blend


Metallic Stearates (Metallic Salt of Fatty Acids)

Metallic Salt of Fatty acids (Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Lead, Aluminum etc) are used as a Stabilizer and Plasticizer in Plastic Industries as well as in cosmetics. They are used as Flatting and Sanding Agents in Lacquers, Coatings and links.  They are used as a dry lubricants and dusting agent for Rubber. They are used as Catalysts in Chemical Synthesis and emulsifier polymerization of Synthetic Rubber and Resin which can be approved for use in food contact Applications. They are used as water proofing additives. COPL Manufactures following Metallic Stearates.

  chopra Zinc Stearates
  chopra Calcium Stearates
  chopra Aluminum Stearates
  chopra Lead Stearates
  chopra Magnesium Stearates

Barium Stearates

    We can also Mfg.Sodium, Pottassium, Cadmium and Lithium Stearstes.
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