A strong Research and Development team over the years has been major reason for position commanded by COPL in the field of Metallic Stearates and Specialty Chemicals.
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ZINC OXIDE (WHITE): Also called Zinc white is an amorphous white or yellowish powder in soluble in wazter and alcohol but soluble in acid and alkali it is used as a Pigment in Comounding Rubber as a white pigment in the ceramic Industries as an opaque base in cosmetics. Used as Activator in EVA/Rubber compounding. Also used in a Paper, Paint and Optical Glass Industries.



Organic accelerators almost always need activators to achieve the highest efficiency in sulfur vulcanization. The most important activator is Zinc Oxide which is used in nearly every rubber compound Zinc Oxide Active and Zinc Oxide Transparent are effective vulcanization activators of very fine particle size and are suitable for rubber and latex products based on natural and synthetic polymers.  They are produced in a wet process by precipitation from a carefully purified zinc salt solution. The special manufacturing process results in products with particularly favorable p0article size and very low heavy metal content.  Employed at high levels, Zinc Oxide Active provides good fatigue resistance and high resilience in dynamically stressed articles, such as spring components, dynamic prts and rollers.

Apart from activation sulfur cures, Zinc Oxide itself is a crosslinking agent for polym ers containing halogen or carboxyl group, such as Chloroprene Rubber (CR), Bromobutyl Rubber (BIIR), Chorobutyl Rubber (CIIR) or Carboxylated Nitrile Rubber (XNBR) and Carboxylated Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (XSBR).CR latex is preferably crosslinked with Zinc Oxide Active. Also natural rubber latex can be activated in curring by Zinc Oxide Active or Zinc Oxide Transparent.

Zinc Oxide Transparent is particularly suited for transparent rubber and latex goods.  Zinc Oxide Active and Zinc Oxide Transparent are especially useful for rubber articles which must be limited to low levels of heavy metals


As per customer requirements COPL Invented Plasto-12, Shining Agent, and Curring Agent (DCP Booster) for EVA/HDPE/PVC/LD/PP Masterbatch Industries.

Multi pupose additive has following Application in EVA/HDPE/PVC/LD/PP compounding
  1. Uniformity and consistency in Compound
  2. Antistatic Agent
  3. Work as Mould Releasing Agent
  4. Work as External lubricant
Shining Agent –
Speciality additive for absorbing Ultra Violet Radiation and gives excellent shining in finish products.
Curring Agent (DCP) Booster):
 Reduce curring time to help in fast production and help to reduce cost of finish products.
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