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Chopra Brand Flexwell is Fine White Powder of high purity and excellent Antioxidant and Heat Stabilize Properties.


Antiozonants, Antioxidant and Heat Stabilizer
Chopra Organics (P) Ltd.


Product Description:

Flexwell is an all purpose Antioxidant, Antiozonant and Heat Stabilizer which provides a high degree of protection against Ozone, Flex Cracking, Oxygen,Heat an Copper. Recommended for Use in Tires, Belts and Polymers where outdoor weather resistance and fatigue cracking are problems.  Synergistic effect when used with other antioxidants and wax.


Physical Properties:

Properties         Typical Values
Physical Appearance:    White Powder
Specific Gravity: 1.95
Bulk Density 2.2 gm/cc
Ph 6.8-7.2
Moisture 2% Max
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